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Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Order?
You may place a secure order over our website. For more information about ordering options, please visit the contact us page.
What if I want to use an online source to pay?
We're working on our OWN secure server ordering, and even with that ordering system, credit card numbers will NOT be stored anywhere on this web server. But for the time being, you may wish to place your order with us offline.
We will accept credit card orders through fax or voice phone. We will also accept personal cheques. For more information on how to contact us, please see the How to Order page.
How soon will I receive my order?
Normally Orders will be dispatched from our premises with in ??? days.
Why do you want my email address?
From time to time, we have questions about your order that are VERY important for your satisfaction!
What if I Want Custom made cufflinks?
Not a problem. If you wish to have custom made cufflinks just for you, simply email us at sales@sreymer.co.uk or contact us by telephone. Simply let us know your requirement. We will quote you a price before starting work on your piece order. Need a set of cufflinks designed for a special occasion? No problem, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll work it out.
Do You Accept International Orders?
Shipping to other countries can be a little high. We will be happy to ship your order internationally if you do not mind S.Reymer for the shipping. Please contact us before placing an order to determine shipping costs, as our website will not calculate international shipping costs automatically. Yes, of course. We will be glad to quote delivery charges
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