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Designing jewellery and cufflinks is a process, which involves sequences of judgement, decision-making, and problem solving, all of which occur during manufacturing. The designs, which were created in the S. Reymer workshop, were first born of as a concept, which had to be suitable for further development. Our highly accomplished designers evaluate what is and what is not possible and finally the composition is formed a drawing. The next step is for our model maker to physically translate the design into actual material. This is just the beginning of our manufacturing process where the models are sent to the casting department, then duplicated and mass-produced to the highest quality.

S. Reymer is willing to help you to develop your ideas and create outstanding designs, which later can be formed into stunning pieces of jewellery.
Enamelling and plating are other services, which are very popular with our customers. Our range of the opaque and translucent enamels is enormous.

S. Reymer helps jewellers to restore enamelled pieces by matching unusual colours. His workshop is frequently involved in creating objects of art.

Plating service is reliable and fast, giving our customers maximum satisfaction. We plate in 24ct gold, 14 ct Hamilton gold, silver, rhodium, nicle and copper. Which are electro-plated to our customers' specification.
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